Krista Mancuso

I love the law. I love the power it has to both bind and liberate. I have always been fascinated by our legal system. With one signature a person can be bound to a contract. With one wrong choice a person can be convicted of a crime and sent to jail for life. The power of the law reaches wide and touches us in the smallest of ways. While we live our normal lives the law tries to hold society together. I simply love that. 

I will never forget the day I decided to finally become an attorney. I was working at my dream job as a Victim Advocate for the Marine Corps Recruit Depot. I was new at my position and very, very green when I sat through my first trial. I was full of hope watching the wheels of justice at work, but at the end I was left angry and furious as I instead watched the law fail to protect a victim. I knew that I wanted to be a part of a system that fought harder for justice and protected people when they needed it, not just when it was convenient for the system. I knew that I wanted to do better. So I made the decision to become an attorney. I was enrolled in law school the next year. I was excited. I was energized. And I was ready to do better. 

Throughout my professional career I have found great joy in working closely with people to make their situation better, whatever that meant to that person at that particular time. There is power in relationships. There is power in making decisions. And there is power in using the law to make one's life better. 

I don't take the idea of divorce lightly, but I do believe in it. I believe that in order to have successful and healthy marriages they have to be a choice. I don't wish the stress or pain of divorce on anyone, but know that if you find yourself going through one, I am ready to be your partner through it.  



I am a proud Oregonian, born and raised in the beautiful Umpqua Valley in Southern Oregon. I graduated from Linfield College and immediately began working in non-profits and governmental organizations working with those whose voices weren't always heard: those struggling with homelessness, students with intellectual disabilities, and victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. This work led me to law school where I graduated with a J.D. from the University of Oregon School of Law. After working in the Bay Area as an attorney focusing on Intellectual Property litigation, I took a break to be at home with my two young sons. In 2014 our family moved back home to Oregon. I returned to the practice of law to open my own family law practice in the Portland area in 2016.  From 2017-2018 I worked for McKinley Irvin in Portland practicing exclusively family law until the pull to my solo practice was so strong I had to return and re-open my practice. 

I am a member of Oregon Women Lawyers' Society, the Multnomah County Bar Association, the Washington County Bar Association, the Oregon State Bar, and the State Bar of California. 

Personal Life 

I live in Tualatin with my husband and three energetic sons. If I'm not practicing law or chasing my kids around, you are most likely to find me running, gardening, or baking. The Pacific Northwest is our home, and we are so happy to be raising our sons here.