The "D" word. Maybe you've been saying it for years. Maybe you've been thinking it for days. Or maybe this is the very first time you've thought it or admitted to yourself that the voice in the back of your head has been whispering it to you for some time. Whatever the case is, I'm here to talk with you about it. 

Navigating the logistics of a divorce is not easy, and working with an attorney shouldn't make it harder. Know that my job is to work with you through the divorce process with your goals in mind and no judgment. Prior to my legal career I worked with and around diverse populations in many different capacities. These experiences led me to pursue a career where I could work with people to solve their problems, and I'm here to walk alongside you on this part of your journey.

There can be a stigma around divorce that you might be feeling. With divorce comes questions, unknown implications for the future, potential financial insecurity, and a lot of emotions for those involved. I might not fully understand your story, but trust me, I get it. I don't want my clients to feel any embarrassment or hesitation with me. I'm proud to be a divorce attorney. I'm proud to work with someone through what might be one of the most challenging and emotionally exhausting chapters of that person's life. 

I can't promise this process will be easy. But I can promise to give you personalized, hands-on legal counsel. The kind of counsel that personally reads every email and personally listens to every voicemail. The kind that cares. The kind that knows her clients by name and knows everything about their story. No secretary. No associates to hand pieces of the puzzle out to. No paralegal. Just me doing what I love. 

If you find yourself looking for an attorney to handle other matters outside of a divorce, including custody, child and/or spousal support, or premarital/prenuptial agreements, I am ready to work with you on those issues as well. 

I have worked to create a family law practice with low overhead, which means I can provide my clients a reasonable hourly rate and retainer agreement. I'm located in Lake Oswego and the majority of my practice is in Washington County, Multnomah County, and Clackamas County.   I have handled cases in various other counties around Oregon as well and am happy to do so when they pop up.

If you're looking for an attorney to work with you, whether it is simply to review forms you've already filled out or to handle every aspect of your divorce, please contact me personally. Let's grab a cup of coffee and see what we can do. 

I look forward to meeting you,